It’s time to Sing for the Saints.
And Cry for the Condemned.

Insanity’s Requiem: Book IV of the Auramancer’s Exorcism

Have you seen this table recently? Awesome!

Hiya! Have you been to the Huntington Toy and Comic Convention or Sci-Fi Valley Con in 2022? Have you talked to a weird guy with glasses and (probably) a hat on to hide his bald spot who said to come to this website if you wanted to order signed copies of his series?

Well, hey!

I always have a lot of fun doing conventions all over WV, Ohio, and PA, and a lot of people like to buy the first book… and I’d love to get the second, third, and up to the eighth in your hands after!

All you need to do is go to THIS website:

…and fill out the form. Let me know which ones you want, I’ll get back with you within 24-48hrs by email with an invoice and then they’ll be out in the mail soon after!

Getting to participate in conventions and festivals is one of my Favorite Things to do and offers me something of a Respite from my day-to-day life. It lets me connect to friends old and new, be they unique like Snowflakes in Summer or the dead of Winter. It’s wondrous, it’s Rapturous, and at the end of the year, the con season provides a way to think back fondly and sing a Requiem for all the memories I’ve had (now if only the publishing costs weren’t so much of a Reckoning, and I-77 didn’t make me want to jump into the Harbor).

But if you’re not sure which book to buy next, keep reading. More on the series is below!

~Joshua E. B. Smith
Author, the Saga of the Dead Men Walking

Welcome to the Saga!


My name is Josh, and I want to welcome you to the website for the Saga of the Dead Men Walking, a grimdark fantasy series set in a violent, swords and sorcery style world where good things happen to bad people, and the good people are questionable… at best.

To find out more about the series, including a reading order, click any of the books below, or click on the “Series” link on the top menu to get an overview of what’s what, who’s what, and where’s what.

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The Saga begins with:

The Snowflakes Series
Books 1-4 of the Battles of Coldstone’s Summit

(Click HERE for Book I)
Snowflakes in Summer

And continues with:

The Auramancer’s Exorcism
Books 1-4

(Click HERE for Book I)
Insanity’s Respite

Read These In Any Order!

Stand Alone Novellas – and Series That Haven’t Become Series (Yet).

(Click HERE for the most recent!)
Claw Unsheathed

Already have some of the books? Want a comprehensive timeline? A few of these books take place at different times of the Age of Misfortune (I’m sorry!). Hopefully, this helps.

Auramancer’s Fall – A Prequel Miniseries leading to the Auramancer’s Exorcism

  • Auramancer’s Hunt, 509 QR
    Bistra Enil, The Auramancer Exorcist, is tasked to find a few missing soldiers in the northern regions of Lowmarsh Province. What she finds is a bloodbath and a world of horror that few have ever seen before.
  • Blindshot, 510 QR (TBR: Winter 2022)
    Follow Stannoth Shi’amar as he partakes a quest to the cursed lands of Agromah, at the bequest of an unorthodox writ from Lady Anais…

The Battles of Coldstone’s Summit – Books I-IV of the Snowflakes Series

  • Snowflakes in Summer: Book I of the Snowflakes Series. 512 QR
    Freshly minted by the Order of Love, a young exorcist is sent to the edge of the Kingdom of Dawnfire to deal with a ‘small, simple haunting.’ Between a winter that won’t end, a girl that doesn’t belong, and people being eaten in the woods, only one thing is for sure: he’s over his head, and utterly out of luck.
  • Slag Harbor: A Brief Interruption in the Snowflakes Series, 512 QR
    After battling Makolichi in Gonta – and before facing him down for the final time in Toniki – Akaran decides to leave Private Galagrin behind in the City of Mud to make sure that nothing got missed in his sweep. What he finds is more than just stray shiriak; it’s an answer to an unasked question…
  • Favorite Things: Book III of the Snowflakes Trilogy, 512 QR
    It’s time for Usaic’s Tower to ascend. Truths will be revealed, blood shall be spilled, and suffering shall become legendary. But it’s not just the living who should fear the Coldstone being set loose. For though the dead will rise, the damned had best be ready for Who comes next…

Lady Claw – The Claws That Will Split Eternity

  • Lady Claw: Claw Unsheathed, 513 QR
    Karistina Semtune is a young girl is accused of murder? Did she do it, or did her father? And when she’s cornered and the claws come out… does it matter? Her first adventure lands her squarely in the crosshairs of the Hunter’s Guild, and the world will never be the same…

The Auramancer’s Exorcism – Akaran’s Saga Continues!

  • Insanity’s Respite, Book I of the Auramancer’s Exorcism 513 QR
    Beaten, broken, and battered, Akaran is sent to the Safest City in the Kingdom to recover from his battle against Makolichi, Daringol, Rmaci, and the rest. What he expects is peace and time to heal. What he finds instead is that insanity knows no bounds and offers no respite…

Stand-Alone Stories… For Now

  • Fearmonger, 516 QR
    Years after Toniki, a grizzled Akaran serves as a peacekeeper to the Queen – and nothing wants the peace to be kept.
  • Blindsided, 517 QR
    Stannoth and Elrok couldn’t be any more different. Trained mercenaries in the Hunter’s Guild, they absolutely hate each other – but they don’t have a choice but to work together.