In the 517th Year of Queen’s Rule, two mercenaries with the Hunter’s Guild get tasked to “look after” interests held by the Guildmaster of the Blackstone Trading Company. The only problem?

They’d sooner die before working with each other.

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The Hunter’s Guild. Mercenaries, assassins, and monster hunters; they answer to one thing: gold. They’ll take anyone. They’ll murder just about anything.

In the caves below the surface of Kora, something is stalking the dwarves of the Kepershal Gem Warren. As bodies pile up, answers are running out. Called upon by name by the true Master of the Guild, for reasons unclear, two hunters are sent to find the cause and exterminate it. But the two they send could not be further apart.

One, an archer, condemned to never see the light of the sun. The other, a dwarven swordsman that hates being underground. Both of them fought on opposite sides of a war not long ago, a war between their races. Old wounds between their peoples have only made things worse, but gold runs thicker than blood.

Can the two unlikely allies find a way to keep from killing each other before the rest of the warren is buried… forever?

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