Claw Unsheathed

This is the story of a girl left bloody on the floor.
A story of a girl accused of murder.

A murder that it doesn’t matter if she did it or not…

…just if she can do it again.

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Karistina Semtune. A young girl accused of murdering her sister – by her own father – is a dead woman walking.

Adelette Elchim. Executioner of the Hunter’s Guild, working an unsanctioned writ that’ll get her in more trouble than not.

Ooribub. A goblin slave on the run and a jungle to hide in.

When their paths cross, the claws will come out.

Because it doesn’t matter if Kari did it. It just matters if she can do it again.

**Please note. This story contains content not suitable for all audiences. If you have trouble with suggested sexual trauma, be advised, this story is not recommend for you.**

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