Dead Men in Winter

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Part two of the Snowflakes Trilogy is here! Makolichi is hurt, but far from gone – and the threat Daringol truly poses is just now coming to light. As the world of the Saga expands down the eastern coast of Dawnfire, it’s what’s hiding in the veil between the worlds that’s the trouble…

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Continue the hunt for the Coldstone in the sequel to Snowflakes in Summer!

The hounds are dead, and Toniki’s fate still hangs in the balance. Daringol is still out there, and Makolichi is lying in wait. Usaic’s secrets are ripe for the unraveling, and more turn up every day. Time is quickly running out to discover the nature of the Coldstone, while man and beast alike risk their lives to find it.

Now new allies are entering the fray:
Paladin-Commander Steelhorn of the Order of Love; Commander Xandros & Battlemage Evalia of the 13th Garrison. Deobria Ult, Priestess of Stara from Gonta joins their crusade, and more come to their aid. Their combined efforts might be enough to stem the tide.


But with new allies come enemies old and new. Rmaci still sulks in the shadows – although haunted by her actions. Shiriak have begun to arrive; disgusting little demonic scavengers. And a messenger who heralds the “Man of the Red Death.” Not the least of all is the wraith.

Daringol’s corruption has begun to spread down the mountainside. If not checked soon, it will infest the Kingdom of Dawnfire. Worse still? The man tasked with ending the haunting is nowhere to be found.

While Akaran fights for his life, others will fight for his soul. Because if he dies, they’re all just Dead Men Walking.

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(Or $30.00 USD + $5.00 S&H for the full trilogy!)

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