Favorite Things

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Snowflakes in Summer and
Dead Men in Winter…
these are a few of my
Favorite Things…

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Akaran returns to Toniki in the epic conclusion
of the Snowflakes Trilogy!

Magic has a cost, and it’s time for some devils to pay their dues.

Purged from Gonta, Daringol and Makolichi have gone to ground. Pulling them into the light is going to take a cataclysmic act of divine wrath to dredge their secrets out onto the frozen shores of Teboria Lake.

Yet the exorcist sent to cull them has wallowed in the otherworldly waters of the River Solindal for far too long, and things between the worlds have started to take notice of his trespasses. As shiriak swarm the mountainside and a man in a red robe plots in the Veil, time is not on his side to carry out his edicts against the unholy.

When Usaic’s tower ascends, it’ll raise the dead.

But the damned had better hope they’re ready…

…for Who comes next.

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