Snowflakes in Summer

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These aren’t your typical walking dead.
But Akaran isn’t your typical exorcist.

The Snowflakes Trilogy begins with the acclaimed novel, SNOWFLAKES IN SUMMER!

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Every exorcist in the Order of Love is given a task, a simple quest, at the end of their training. For each one, it’s different; though for each one, it’s never more than a simple haunting. When word reaches the Temple that something unholy has been attacking people in the mountains on the edge of the Kingdom, they send their newest neophyte to banish the beast back to the Abyss.

But as bodies and lies quickly stack up, Akaran realizes that between a winter that won’t end, a young woman assuredly not of this world, villagers that don’t want his help, and a wraith unlike anything that he was ever taught to condemn? This ‘simple haunting’ is anything but – and what’s been eating people in the woods is the least of their problems.

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$11.00 USD + $3.00 S&H for this book!

(Or $30.00 USD + $5.00 S&H for the full trilogy!)

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